What is the average cost of 2012 Honda Accord?

When it comes to the Honda Accord's insurance plan cost, rates vary relying on several key factors. As one of the top midsize automobiles on the market, the Accord offers competitive insurance plan rates for almost each and every type of driver, and if you shop around, you can get even better car insurance plan prices.

How much does car insurance cost for 2019 Honda Accord?

Your age, location, riding history, education and marital status all play a essential factor in the price you pay to insure your vehicle. We analyzed our auto insurance rate facts and calculated the average rate that you can count on to pay based on your age. We also seemed at the average rate that some of the top car insurance agencies are charging drivers. Keep in mind, these are just average and your true price may vary.

Honda Accord Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance plan rates for the Honda Accord are about $1310 annually. That comes out to about $109 per month on average. Compared to the average vehicle, the Accord's insurance plan rates are approximately $209 much less for full coverage.

If you opt for a liability-only policy, expect to pay about $525 yearly or $44 each month. Good drivers also gain and can save up to $540 annually via policy discounts. These numbers are according to Expert Insurance Reviews.

Teenage drivers are regarded high-risk drivers and pay the highest rates of about $4788 yearly or $399 per month.

2018 Honda Accord Insurance Cost Variables

Depending on your Honda Accord's trim and model, the total insurance price you pay will vary. Other factors to consider when comparing insurance costs include: Vehicle age. Older Honda Accord models are usually cheaper to insure. For instance, according to Expert Insurance Reviews, insurance for a 2020 Accord costs $1310 compared to a 2010 Accord, which costs $1094. This is a difference of $216. Driver age. The driver's age can factor into the insurance cost for an Accord. A 30-year-old Accord driver pays about $58 more than a 40-year-old driver. Driver location. Where the Accord driver lives impacts insurance rates. Drivers in Los Angeles pay about $485 annually more than Accord drivers who live in Philadelphia. Driver's record. Driving record can also impact auto insurance for an Accord. Teenagers and drivers in their 20s might experience the highest increase in car insurance, especially if they have violations.

How Do Safety Ratings Affect the rates of car insurance for Honda Accord?

Vehicle safety ratings also affect insurance rates. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the 2021 Accord's test type and rating include:
Small overlap front on the driver's side: Good.
Small overlap front on the passenger side: Good.
Moderate overlap on the front: Good.
Side: Good.
Roof strength: Good.
Head restraints and seats: Good.
The better the Accord's crash test ratings, the better chance you have for cheaper car insurance rates. The IIHS named the vehicle a Top Safety Pick+

Another key contributor to lower insurance rates are the vehicle's safety features. When looking at the 2020 Accord, pay attention to: -Driver-side air bag.
-Passenger-side air bag.
-Front head air bag.
-Rear head air bag.
-Front side air bag.
-Four-wheel anti-lock braking system.
-Four-wheel disc brakes.
-Brake assist.
-Electronic stability control.
-Daytime running lights.
-Child safety locks.
-Traction control.
-Lane-keeping assist.
-Lane-departure warning.

How Can You Lower Your Accord Insurance Costs?

Even if you have high car insurance rates for your Honda Accord, you can take steps to lower them. These tips might help lower your car insurance bill:
-Purchase an older Accord.
-Ask about loyalty discounts.
-Examine your policy to make sure you're not overpaying for coverage you don't need.
-Confirm that all information on your policy is correct.
-Bundle your auto insurance with other insurance policies.
-Ask for a discount if you have at least a college degree.

Honda Accord Insurance Rates By Model Year And Age Group

The price you pay to insure your Honda Accord can vary based on your age group. Here are the average rates you can expect to pay.
Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2022 $373.39 / mo $239.25 / mo $153.71 / mo $151.65 / mo $148.28 / mo $146.73 / mo
2021 $296.09 / mo $212.14 / mo $161.48 / mo $160.07 / mo $143.02 / mo $150.14 / mo
2020 $354.34 / mo $206.83 / mo $158.20 / mo $142.88 / mo $140.88 / mo $149.25 / mo
2019 $293.60 / mo $217.44 / mo $152.36 / mo $140.48 / mo $129.65 / mo $132.50 / mo
2018 $292.57 / mo $201.09 / mo $150.64 / mo $133.31 / mo $121.40 / mo $132.23 / mo
2017 $356.96 / mo $211.96 / mo $144.11 / mo $140.42 / mo $126.14 / mo $139.96 / mo
2016 $307.03 / mo $192.05 / mo $136.96 / mo $130.67 / mo $115.63 / mo $119.06 / mo
2015 $290.79 / mo $190.40 / mo $129.19 / mo $123.98 / mo $111.03 / mo $118.23 / mo
2014 $322.67 / mo $191.24 / mo $136.19 / mo $125.47 / mo $119.17 / mo $118.38 / mo

What States Offer the Highest and Lowest Rates for the Accord?

Where you live is another factor to consider when looking at the 2017 Honda Accord insurance cost. According to Cheap Car Insurance, Maine is the cheapest state with its average rate of $68, while Michigan is the most expensive at $199. The state average comes in around $116.

When looking at Accord models ranging from 2014 to 2019 owned by a 30-year-old man, on average it costs $2163 annually to insure the vehicle. However, if that same driver had a newer 2019 Accord, he would pay $2374 annually to insure it. This is a 19 percent increase. If an 18-year-old driver owned the same vehicle, he would pay $7681 annually on average.

The average annual cost for a 30-year-old versus an 18-year-old driver of an Accord are:
The average cost of car insurance for 2020 Honda Accord is $158.20 / mo.
2019 Accord: $2374 for the 30-year-old driver and $8380 for the 18-year-old driver.
2018 Accord: $2271 for the 30-year-old driver and $8063 for the 18-year-old driver.
2017 Accord: $2173 for the 30-year-old driver and $7706 for the 18-year-old driver.
2016 Accord: $2102 for the 30-year-old driver and $7455 for the 18-year-old driver.
2015 Accord: $2061 for the 30-year-old driver and $7341 for the 18-year-old driver.
2014 Accord: $1998 for the 30-year-old driver and $7143 for the 18-year-old driver.
Although insurance for the Accord is moderately expensive, the sedan was the fourth-most expensive model, according to EviosInsurance.com. It also costs $12 more than the overall average price for Honda insurance at $2151. Even though the Accord is a larger and more expensive car than the Civic, which is Honda's other sedan, coverage for the Accord was $207 cheaper.

As one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989, the Honda Accord is a popular choice if you're looking for a quality vehicle. If you're worried about how much car insurance costs with the Accord, note that the prices are comparable to similar vehicles on the market, and if you do a little research, you can save even more.

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